Dear Friends of VCB,

First off, I sincerely want to thank everyone who attended and supported our Open House. It was a great night and I was so impressed with the community and media participation in this special night for VCB. I am so proud of how far our agency has come and of all the efforts of my staff. We had such a beautiful and fun evening and I am so appreciative the way in which everything came together. It was an early Father's Day gift to me to have all of my family members present and participating in VCB's community outreach event. Being a father has been the best blessing of my life and I hope that you were able to meet my remarkable daughters. As a family, the care that we have received has been awe-inspiring and has led to so much growth. I hope that Valley Center for the Blind provides you with the kind of support that makes a difference in your life. We believe in you.

Sincerely with warmest regards,

Ken Warkentin