Welcome to Valley Center for the Blind

As the Executive Director of the Valley Center for the Blind, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our web page.

The Valley Center for the Blind was established in 1973 and has served the Central Valley’s blind and visually impaired community proudly for over 40 years by providing support, rehabilitation services, and outreach.

Let me reassure our consumers that the quality of services delivered at our center is based on our philosophy that every one can succeed and regain valued independence at every level through the intentional partnership we develop with each consumer.  My responsibility as director is to work with other agencies and commissions in order to provide the best services to our clients.

I look forward to meeting with individual clients, consumer groups, other partners, and citizens as we work together to ensure that  California's visually impaired and blind individuals have the resources and opportunities they need to achieve active employ-ability and independence.

VCB News and Updates

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Device Offers Partial Vision for the Blind

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DNA injection to slow vision loss

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